Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Good Fight

You can’t claim to be “Everywhere Man” and only stick to major cities. While the hot beats of urban lifestyles are tempting with a never ending series of activities and adventure on each street corner – I tend to stay on back roads looking for the America of Paul Simon and John Steinbeck.

Two close friends celebrated their birthday in Monroe over the weekend. Monroe is the home of General Custer as well as the River Raisin where the Toledo War took place (Michigan lost Toledo in a Congressional battle but gained the Upper Peninsula in the end, and only a pig was killed, no humans.) Monroe is about as American as you can get. People are friendly, have known each other since a tender age, and are all attractive.

All that said, the real news, I had a glimpse to the other side. A nameless attractive man was part of our group. There have been tails of his ability to pick a girl from a crowd and whisk her away to a bed in moments. My experience is opposite, of plotting and planning, small talk and charm only to be told that I am the nicest guy in the world (Which is fine.)

As the handsome man and I sat together swapping stories, he mumbled “green top at the bar” and turned away to the window. He was right, there was a woman looking at him from the bar in a green top. She was considerably older, not very well put together, and would be most likely to be a last call Lucy in my book. Bold and assertive moves, surprise, action, are all tactics Custer used to win in battle. But when she approached our table to start small talk with the handsome man, we made it apparent that it was uncomfortable and her use of these tactics would not prevail.

Sobriety is one of the best choices for me this night. I could see the complexity of the human struggle play itself out in a way I never would have seen before. She was alone, and looking for attention, fulfillment, kindness, the old pony baloney. Who hasn’t been there? It took courage to walk up to the table. More courage then I have had in some time. He is engaged, grown beyond these one night stands, is involved in a mature relationship, and tried at first to be polite. He has a super hot fiancé at home. She could have used the most extreme of Sally Jesse make over specials. In the end, she made her play for him only to be brushed off. I felt bad for her. I felt proud of her. I felt sad for her. Then I got over it and started talking to the other cuties that we came with.

There is no greater battle then that of the sexes. Sometimes a greater power decides the outcome for us like the Toledo War. Other times we have no hope of seeing victory like Custer. Most important is that we continue the good fight, and never surrender.

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  1. I like your story and description of this woman at the bar. I swear to never become that woman! You are very funny! Thanks for the pick-me-up on my blog.