Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back in the office

The soft withered solitude of Ella’s voice plays in the background as spirals of heat dance in the trees. My mind drifts back to another time, another place.

I have been back less then two full days and my chair feels tight, desk confined. Nose marks are left on my office window from the number of times I have looked out it. The sprit of Steinbeck’s French poodle Charlie has gotten hold of me. There is always a better place to be then here, no matter where I am.

There is comfort in recounting my top five (in no particular order):

Banff Alberta
Halifax Nova Scotia
Poi Po Hawaii
Colorado Springs Colorado
Marquette Michigan


  1. I'd be happy escaping to any of the places you listed. The top picture looks especially enticing today.

  2. Yeah, isn't it so had to return to the daily grind? Great places to visit too!