Sunday, September 18, 2005

Its all a blur to me now

There is great release following large events. I am feeling it on a glorious Sunday afternoon alone. Dozens of people have surrounded me for days. Solitude is part of that sweet release. I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be for the happy couple today. They have been the center of attention that has been building for a year.

As I wrote last week, a wedding should represent the love two share for one another, and this most recent occasion was just that - a joyful celebration of family and friends for two people that are held in the highest regards by all. Last week I also wrote that True Love does exist. And while I had explained that I had not found it yet, this couple is proof that it is real.

The story is one that you know very well if you have ever been in a wedding. The day begins early. Much preparation and ballyhoo ensue. Pressure mounts, it begins, and it ends before you can appreciate that it will shortly be only a memory. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures, and when you think it is finished, there are two more locations for pictures. The reception is a blur of shaking hands, promised dances with long lost friends or members of the family. We talk about old times as if they were another life and happened to other people. But just as those experiences and memories have helped to shape the people we are today, this event too will be looked on the same way. The night is over, the last person has left, wedding gifts are removed to a safe and secure location with the Vice President, and the few of you left finally head to hotel rooms.

Being Everywhere Man prepares you for the long hours of standing, waiting, shaking hands, long hours, late nights on few hours of sleep and making guests happy. It is what I do in the events business. Unlike tradeshows and conferences, this product – a wedding, is one I can truly believe in.


  1. You have a unique style - I always enjoy your posts :)

  2. You have a unique style - I always enjoy your posts :)

  3. Sounds like it was a great wedding for everyone. And that's what makes it perfect.