Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two bits of advice for the wedding party

Guest Author-
Amy Thomas

Ok, so I have not previously responded to this because I really didn't have anything to say. But the wedding advice questions sparked something in me. If this gets posted, then let me please apologize to my friend Ann, who I love dearly. Forgive me for what I am about to share.

My advice? Control your alcohol intake, particularly if you are a member of the wedding party. As a valued member of the wedding party, there are certain STANDARDS that are placed upon you. One of these expectations is that the rest of the wedding party, the groom, the bride's parents, and the DJ will not have to make sure you get home ok.

A second piece of advice? Pick a wedding buddy from the wedding party. This person should help be the gauge that determines when you should put DOWN the champagne.

Horrifying as it is, I will share briefly a wedding experience I had. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend Lisa's wedding, which took place in Oregon. I had been friends with Lisa and KC for several years and jumped at the chance to travel to the Northwest. Anyway, the whole wedding thing lasted several days and by the time of the actual nuptials, I was ready to relax. And I did just that. I relaxed with 4 glasses of champagne, one bottle of wine, and about 6 beers. Where was my wedding buddy? I sang a duet with the groom (Summer Lovin' from Grease) in front of EVERYONE. Some details are a little sketchy, but I apparently hit on the groom's best bud, some dork that was hanging around, and two of the bartenders. I think the picture of me in my dress sitting on the dance floor is deterrent enough for me from doing that again.

I arrived safely home to the bride and groom's home that night, courtesy of several male attendees at the wedding. When Lisa called me the next morning, she mentioned that I was the entertainment of the wedding, and everyone was so impressed that I went home with the biggest player there. How embarrassing. Needless to say, I refrain from drinking at weddings now - if I am in the wedding party.

*Photo by Tim Halberg


  1. That is great advice. Let's spread the word...

  2. I bet you made the wedding memorable!
    When my daughter got married my eldest son did the 'Full Monty' at the evening reception. I think he added a few moves he picked up from a lap dancer he had previously been living with in Spain a year or two earlier. Everyone seemed to think it was hilarious apart from the bride's mothers .... (sshh don't tell anyone but it was!)