Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Under the poopy poop (with a little poop on the side)

Grigori ask’s Duke for the impossible, Duke says no. Grigori does a bunch of bad things, then threatens Duke’s wife and family. Duke kills Griogi in self-defense and lives happily ever after, la, la, la

The End.

Okay – I get it. I should continue to write about my travels. I have heard the will of the people.

Unfortunately, I am not traveling much for my job any longer – just working on projects.

So I’ll dig around my files from the first two years and see if I can’t find anything good for you kind readers.


  1. I still want to see your dating resume...any chance you'd post that one for me? Past traveling stories are always good too. Thanks for the nice comment yesterday. You sure know what to say Paul. I responded to your comment too.

  2. No more job traveling? Just staying put, huh? Too bad. Although traveling stresses me out too. So never mind. You post whatever you want.

  3. It’s not that I have stopped traveling, but when I took this job years ago, I was doing 45 events a year, and was really “Everywhere Man.” Now I am down to about 14 a year and have become Couch Potato Man

  4. I would really like to continue reading the story. If you do not want to post it and have already written it would you please email it to me?

  5. i would love to read more about your travels

  6. For you myladisa - I will continue to post the story at least once a week. I was writing it as I wanted to see what writing 50,000 words in a month would be like. There is a contest next month I don't think I'll have time for at NaNoWriMo.org