Thursday, November 03, 2005

10 Minutes in my head

I have been in a funk for the last few days. There were hopes of writing those 50,000 words for the month of November, but that has passed. I went to AP’s blog and wrote something funny, but after reading it a second time, it was just mean and not funny.

Work has said nice things about things I am not so fond of doing and good things that I enjoy doing, but I still don’t do enough of the fun things and shake loose the anchor stuff.

I was looking at how nice it was outside my window a lot today. During phone calls and a web seminar my eyes were drawn to the burning bushes. During the winter I can only see the trash bins, and in the summer hawks swoop down and grab mice for lunch from the grassy nook. Now it is a blaze with color. Didn’t I just travel somewhere? And I am going somewhere again in a week. Maybe it’s the change of daylight. You know they are changing that next year to save energy. I’m not really sure how that works.

If karma is real – I am in trouble. Six years ago I lived with three other people. The one woman was a freak with a strange cat. She liked to cut herself – that was the first sign I was going to move out. Her cat would pee on my bed every day – that was the second sign I was moving out. She got really mad at me and yelled a lot. When people get mad I tend to let them get it out of their systems, then come back. After she was done I lead her to believe that I had been cleaning a urine filled toilet with her tooth brush for the last two weeks. She turned green and ran away. She never talked to me again. But karma might be coming back to me.

Leaving work the evening sky was amazing. One of those crazy Ann Arbor hippies parked next to me and was heading home. At his car I said “hi” after taking a few pictures and said “Pink sky at night is a sailor’s delight.” I followed with a pleasant smile. His droll reply “yeah, pollution sure is pretty.” I then pointed to him, like I think The Fonze might, and said “that’s what I like about you – your optimism!”
Parental unit number one called to tell me how much weight he has lost since I’ve seen him last. I think he is just rubbing it in. My memo reached the entire family unit about submitting Christmas lists to me by November 15 or they would get a kitten for a present. So far two parental units and one sibling will be getting something other than kittens. But who wouldn’t want a kitten? Not one that pee’s on your bed every day.

Maybe I am sleeping too much. Maybe I need to go out more. I should finish my second draft. I should get a hobby. What is keeping me from buying the new car I have planned to for a year now? I know my VW will last a few more months that’s all. What am I going to do for three weeks vacation? I should have booked the flight to Hawaii this year. I still can, I think. Maybe I should buy the new car and drive somewhere.

I need a nap. Will people really find this crap interesting if I post it? I’ll have to think of a funny story for Monday. Lets hope dinner Friday is fun. It should be – I’ve started to drink again. Hey – we should go somewhere close so I can walk home drunk, I haven’t done that forever. I could go to the fraternity house – oh, that was a lame thought. I’m at least ten years older than those guys. But there are hot girls there all the time. This is way more than I should admit. I’m going to bed.


  1. Glad you moved out of that house!

    Buy the car and book the holiday :) Have you ever tried a writing holiday or something along those lines? Is it worth considering?

  2. Honestly I wouldn't want a kitten whether it bed-pees or not.

    Sorry you are in a funk. I hope it clears up soon.

  3. Paul-I actually liked your random thoughts post, but I hope you are feeling better soon. We all fall into the funk at times, hopefully it won't last long for you. I wouldn't worry too much about the creepy woman you lived with and the karma from what you said to her, if that's the case, then I better watch my back from some of the things I've done in my life. I laughed out loud about the comment you made to the hippie-too funny! And what would hurt if you went to the frat house? They think you are royalty there, remember? What's wrong with going to a place where you can be adored for a night? If a place like that existed for me, I'd be there every night!

  4. Is it wrong that I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight and have tears in my eyes after reading your comment on AP's blog?

  5. P.S. my word verification was just kidding!

  6. I can't believe I've never been here before, because even your tales of woe are well written! Sorry you're in a funk, but I love the pictures and also your use of the Fonz point. Good work!

  7. Where'd the naked lady go? I was going to use her picture in my class to teach the evils of . . . being naked and gross.
    I had a good time Friday, and I didn't drink too much so don't feel bad.