Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

The rain fall hard on the open umbrellas below. New York on a hard rainy night is my favorite. The view from the 35th floor is a glow of distant sky scrapers in a misty fog. It was the perfect time for a nice cup of good coffee.

I went to the lobby to find a cup of Joe, but they weren’t serving. I would have to go outside to find some java, so I gave up on that idea and went back to my room.

The drive from Greenwich was the last I will see of fall. Colors there were dry rust. With the cold rain that will soon be snow back home, I am certain gray and white are the two colors of my future.

This will be my last show for the year. It looks to be decent. In the morning I plan to wake early and try to catch a glimpse of my favorite morning news team.


  1. Too much work and not enough play methinks :(

    Sometimes I wish I was tasked with planning an 'activity' holiday for you in Europe :)

  2. Rain is better than snow. Almost freaked out yesterday.