Thursday, December 01, 2005

What will I say to the kids?

I have been surprised in recent weeks to find that there is a growing group of people in America who have not seen any of the Star Wars movies. This most often occurs with the female siblings and their friends who are in their mid to early twenties.

This single movie franchise is one of the greatest ways for me to bridge any communication gap. It is a language unto it self when I need IT support and assistance. Characters and story lines are markers that several generations understand when attempting to speak to one another. My lord, even Senator John McCain of Arizona quoted it on every whistle stop of his bus tour to sound cool.

I weep for our future. A place where the term Nurf-hurder will no longer be used or a simple droid no longer finds Batci like their second language.

There will be, I am certain, the retelling of the tales where my father stood in line for hours to get tickets at the Americana Theater, in a not so great neighborhood before the wide release. After the Empire struck back dad scared the crap out of my brother and I in his very fast car down a empty dirt road pretending it was the Millennium Falcon in a meteor field.

But those stories, and a set of pretty bad pre-quels, leave those the younger generation far, far, away.


  1. The should teach it in schools!

    Over here, when the 2001 Census was taken both of my sons recorded 'Jedi Knight' as their religion - I kid you not! Apparently, if enough fans did so the Government shall have to declare it an official religion!

  2. It is so nice to see you post! I have been a bit worried.

    Good to know the boys have a solid goals for Knighthood.

    Best -

  3. i liked the Empire Strikes Back, but other than that I'm not a big Star Wars junkie. (much to the dismay of ALL my peers)

  4. Up until a few months ago I was Star-Wars-ignorant, raised to believe that there was direct correlation between your obsession with the series and your nerd-quotient.

    Then I met Mark.
    And my BFF met Jon.

    A different woman, now I am.
    Though I still get in trouble when I call them "Star Troopers" instead of "Storm Troopers' -- I just think it makes more sense.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Well I am a female in the mid-twenties and I have to say, I have seen them all even the horrible prequels. So has my BF. So maybe there is some hope...

    P2 why don't you visit me any more?

  6. And this, Cheryl, is why I adore you so much - you are so much more with it than your peers.

    I read your blog daily - I'll post more often.