Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have some pretty good friends. Good people. A group you want to be stuck in a foxhole with. Saturday night they were good enough to throw a little party for me and Ben at a great bar in Ann Arbor. Both Ben and I were celebrated for our birthdays.

Normally a little Irish pub that plays Celtic favorites, they made an exception for one of the greatest local Christina bands ever – “Fat Sally and Holly Rollers.”

Later that night our good friend Dan stopped by with his monkey. Oddly enough none of us felt really comfortable with Dan’s monkey around. When it wasn’t flinging poop into our dinner plates it threatened to kill Dan if we didn’t hand over our wallets.
After a few drinks Kristi couldn’t keep her hands off Ben the Birthday boy. I guess that’s what makes a marriage great – the maintained excitement a couple can generate over the years.
Of course the girls were there.
And of course the boys were there to embarrass them (look over the left shoulder.)

Ben’s family was there as well. His brother Matt, sister in law Emily, Phyllis, Dan – they are a good bunch. The two smutty sisters were there also; but spent most of their time turning tricks in the back alley, so we didn’t see much of them. But I love the new hair styles.
Anson told us he had a thing to take care of – but with all his time in and out of re-hab and drug clinics over the last year, we only pray he is doing well and is safe.

This morning I got a call from Matt. He asked if I could pick him up.

Apparently he had a little too much fun and someone stole his pants.

Yeah – I have some great friends and family. Thank you all. Now for the real pictures.


  1. Looks like a great birthday celebration! Happy birthday again, Paul!

  2. Happy Birthday again. Great friends indeed!

  3. i LOVE pictures!
    thanks for sharing!
    (and yes, happy birthday again!)