Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ben Rocks!

As a counter point to my dear friend Shaw, who in her latest blog proclaims "Ben Sucks", I must remind you all why we love Ben completely and with total acceptance. But first let me state, I am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with being gay; but none of this should be taken that I am.

Ben is a straight shooter. He often says the things some of us do not have the courage to say, or are bound by pride and humility to say in public. If you want an honest opinion – he is your go to guy.

One of his favorite pastimes is to memorize and recite things. In another era, time, or place we would hear him quote the finest poets and most lyrical of song. We should appreciate the jovial presence he carries to brighten our days.

His mind is keen. He is quick and wily. There are few people I know who read more than he does every week.

Finally, Ben is kind. When the dog passes gas, he is sure to warn everyone of their pending doom. I even remember a time when his first wife cut herself in the kitchen and he took her to the hospital to get stitches.

Who else holds these same traits of honesty, articulation, compassion balanced with the reason of a sound mind? Why our former President and national hero Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, Ben is a national treasure, and I am one who is proud to call him my friend.


  1. Thanks Paul! A very well put together counter point. I'm sure it has reminded my first wife of all the reasons she married me.

  2. You might not be gay Paul. But I think Ben is half gay - on his dad's side. And his dog is definitely gay.

    That said, he is a swell guy and I'm proud to call him a true acquaintance.

  3. First wife!!! Only wife!!!

    I stick by my earlier statements. It is true, Ben does not ALWAYS suck, hence my continued status as his wife, but my dearest Paul, you must realize that you occupy a special place in his life. He likes you, therefore he does not try to irritate you.

    Ben has decided that not only does he love me, but he loves to annoy me. I was at a point of high aggravation when I wrote my post.

    Yes, I realize I am a lucky lady to have snared such a man. However, it's hard to remember that when I am encased in a fog of his flatulence.

  4. It is true that Ben is the first to warn others when someone else (or himself) passes gas. He doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. I love Fun Ben, the one that comes out when we are all having some adult beverages. Let the party begin!