Monday, March 20, 2006

Orlando Again

I’m in Orlando. It is my sixth year at this event and I wish I could say that things have really come a long way. But they are very similar to each of the previous years.

The best thing I can report is that I know the people who put on this event much, much better. They are a good bunch that I look forward to seeing each quarter. And that’s all I have to say after a long day.
Last night's poolside reception.


  1. i'm jealous....have fun! my spring break is sadly over :-( oh wait I don't have spring break anymore. my bad ;-)

  2. You really are the Everywhere Man! :) Hope you have fun.

  3. Oh Paul you are the best!
    I love you so much.

  4. The pool looks fabulous! And it looks warm there. Nice.

  5. Thanks Scott - I like you very much as well, but I think your wife and children might have a problem with this.