Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Local News Sucks - Wherever I may Travel

I have been a news junkie for years following those I agree with and despise ramble on about what they think we should do and what is best.

In more recent days I have been reminded of a moment between 1979 and 1980 while at my dads swinging bachelor pad between marriages. I was still a little guy walking from the bathroom to the main room where dad was watching the news. He told me to “stop” in his stern voice I rarely have ever heard. With my query as to why he said “there was a dead body on television I didn’t want you to see.” Which I either said or thought – I’ve seen dead bodies before, what’s the big deal?

Looking back I did not equate anything to a dead body, no emotion, no history, just two words put together. Lately it seems that news and reality television have not numbed me to the idea of death, dead bodies, or a gruesomeness that lurks in a world outside of my daily routine. Instead it has made me want to turn away from the daily broadcasts of events. Maybe that’s why the Daily Show has been a growing source for people to hear about events – there is no “if it bleeds, it leads” rule.


  1. But you never actually see the dead bodies per se, just hear about them ad nauseum. I am told (but never experienced so this is purely on spec) that there was a time when footage direct from the war in Vietnam played on the news. But I wouldn't know myself.

    Ironically, I do not like TV news.

  2. Have no fear P2, Katie is coming to CBS. No more harsh news. Her cute smile and CBS's lack of needing facts first will change how we feel about war, poverty, crime, disaster and politics - which was really covered in the first four topics.

    It's time for human interest stories to lead the evening news. Personally, I hope to see more reports on dogs whose barks sound like they're saying "I love you."

  3. Thanks Hollywood – that would be exactly the opposite of what should happen.

    Good point Cheryl.

    Thanks both.