Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wake Up

If your alarm clock needs this detailed of instruction to operate it for a successful morning rise, I really have to ask myself how badly I want to wake up to the sweet sounds Leonard Skynard, the loud local all Spanish sports channel, or ocean waves crashing on the shore by mistake.

Better call the front desk for a wake up call and set the trusty travel alarm (which only has two buttons.)


  1. That's so funny - I was having my bi-monthly throw-stuff-away day on Saturday and came across a 30 page manual for my alarm clock. Seriously -- there's nothing that shuold be complex about it, but this is the most ILLOGICALLY engineered machine on the planet.

    Anyway, I tossed it with vigor -- if I can't figure it out, there is not a shot in hell that I'm going to sit down with a manual. It's easier just to buy a new alarm clock. :)

  2. alarm clocks don't work for me. i just turn them off and go back to bed.

    i'm thinking about buying a clock/radio thingy for my ipod