Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How Well Do You Know Me?

How well do you know me? Pretty well? Then you won’t be surprised about how great my Tuesday night was. Yes I am speaking of the season finale of Gilmore Girls. The end of this sixth season just means I have one more DVD box set to get, and yes, I have them all.

For those of you not watching the best show on television, I will not bore you with the exciting and hilarious plot intricacies, rather I’ll highlight the importance of tonight’s episode. The creative, directing, producing, writing team of Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino who are the parents of the show did not renew contracts with the CW. The CW is the new combined channel from the WB and UPN that will start next fall. Tonight all the stops were pulled out in the final episode the two will be involved in.

More interesting to my readers might be that Jan Levinson (formerly Gould) of The Office had an important role tonight. Also Kenny James, otherwise known as “my gay friend who runs a copy store,” from My Name is Earl played the Stars Hollow police who was asked to round up the village troubadours, one of whom was Chloe O'Brian (sans Jack Bauer) of 24. The regular village troubadour, played by Grant Lee Philips, got his big break to open for Neal Young. As I have often suspected Young is described as a jerk. “Heart of Gold my ass” Philips said. With a vacancy for the official village troubadour while Philips is absent the eastern regional troubadour association drove in by the bus load to the sleepy little Stars Hollow including Sonic Youth, Sam Phillips, Yo La Tengo, Sparks, Joe Pernice (of the Pernice Brothers and one of my all time favorites) and Dave Gruber Allen.

Yep, and you missed it. But I did record the show and may watch it from time to time as my crush on Lauren Graham lingers through the summer. You are always welcome to come over and watch every episode if you get the urge.


  1. I can't believe I missed it! I had a meeting last night and forgot to set the VCR! Did Luke and Lorelei break up? What happened with Rory and Logan? Did Sookie and Jackson end up smoking all that pot? Help!

  2. p. sq. - I can't believe you're a GG fan. Not to question your manhood or anything, but you may be the only male fan of that show. But, I'm sure my mom would gladly invite you to her weekly Gilmore Girls party. You'll just have to wear a skirt and perhaps open-toed strappy sandals. ;)

  3. It’s true, I am a fan. It is the smartest and best written hour long show on television for my money. And that Lauren Gram is a hottie in my book.

    So while I would be apposed to the pink skirts and open toed shoes along with your mom and every high school girl in America at their weekly get together, I would show up to watch in my khaki pants and blue button down collar. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with a bunch of hot young single women?

  4. While I do not watch Gilmore Girls, I completely understand your enthusiasm for its finale.
    The Veronica Mars season finale was also Tuesday night. It was AWESOME! Beaver was the killer, which was unfortunate but believable, Aaron got his due, and Veronica and Logan reunited! The season 2 DVD will be mine!

    Veronica's place on the CW is not a done deal. If it does not appear on the fall schedule, there will be tears in my house.

  5. We totally need to have a Gilmore Girls party. I LOVE THAT SHOW! And, yes, I missed it. Its a sad thing except that I rent the DVDs from Blockbuster each month.