Tuesday, May 16, 2006

little disappointed

SO I am a little disappointed.

Yesterday I post some hilarious clips on the blog and no one comments.

Tonight I went to the hospital for a CT scan thinking I would have some great story to write about – nothing.

Well that’s not entirely true. Amy, the woman who ran the scan, didn’t introduce herself. She called my last name and I started to follow her down the hall – then she turns to me and said “We’re going to ask you to take off your pants.” I replied with a big smile “I have no problem with that” like some cheesy single guy (which I am.) She looked at me realizing I was being funny and laughed. Making people laugh is a good first impression.

Okay – so I rarely write about these two, so I thought I would try to make you laugh at their expense tonight.




  1. I liked all of your last two days posts Paul. Especially the comment about the carpet in the Bastard Cat clip. What did you need a scan for?

  2. What was the scan for? Hope everything is okay...loved the Ben/Jason dancing clips!

  3. Rocky, the pet kidney stone, needed to get his picture taken. Hopefully he will be graduating soon so I got one last photo of us together.

    I highly recommend getting a CT scan done at 9:30 at night. Everyone wants to go home and they rush you through.

    The web site informs you to be prepared to be there for six hours and I was done in less then 10 minutes.

    It took me longer to walk to the office at U of M then it took for me to take the actual scan.

    Rocky says “hi” to everyone, send his love and best wishes.

  4. You'll be happy to know that Ben actually dances like that.

  5. You had a CT scan? Really?

    I love those Muglets! Too funny!