Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Start of the Summer

On a hot and humid Memorial Day weekend two titan teams of Washer Toss finally faced one another after years of training in the collegiate maelstrom of the Michigan league.

Ben and Kyle show the importance of warming up before an event of such prowess. Two important things about Washer Toss
  1. Be sure to stretch or you’ll pull something
  2. Don’t loose the coin toss or you’ll be skins

The poise and grace of the athlete in mid throw is a thing of beauty.

Soggy with anticipation, Kyle was able to stick his pack of cigarettes right to his chest. Pockets are for the weak.

It’s just the start of another great summer.


  1. It's also great if while slicing the meat, the chef slices his finger.


    Oh, and he says, "I'm dead sexy!"

  2. 1. Gross that he can stick cigarettes to his chest.

    2. Grosser that he'd want to smoke if it were that hot out.

    3. How funny that we were in vegas at the same time! Any chance you're headed to Palm Springs this weekend? :)