Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wedding Weekend in Colorado

This weekend I returned to Denver for the blessed union of two more souls. Three things no one will tell you about going into the Rockies:

1) People in Colorado do not know how to drive. I am not sure if this is because they are guarded and drive under the speed limit, or because they are accustomed to driving up hill really slow, and down hill extremely fast.

2) Boogers – yes, snot, becomes rock hard at high altitude and causes great pain or nose bleeds. Of course, there are so many mouth breathers who chew their food and talk at the same time that the pain is really only secondary.

3) Bicycle riders are idiots. It is true. They believe they own the road, have every right to zip out into traffic, and wear skin tight clothing (as I have stated before, spandex is a privilege, not a right.) As a former cyclist who traversed the Continental Divide seven times (back in 1985) I can testify that they are all fools and idiots.

Just like all trips they start at DTW

There was an upgrade on the rental

The bad part of traveling alone, too many action shots

View from the condo

The bride (my cousin) has different priorities with a rental car

That is my big brother (on the right)

This is where the two exchanged vows


  1. The bride's rental car priority is right on - the new Shelby GT-H (the H is for Hertz) has a ton of testicle power and must have been a blast in the mountains.

    That could have also been your solution to bike riders.

  2. looks like you had a great time!

    breathing only through your mouth ? SICK!!!!!

    oh and just an fyi: next time you go to a place like that if you don't want your nose to hurt (and i know what you're talking about) take a claritin. just a plain old claritin.....not claritin d.

    it really helps.

  3. Bikers are like that in Chicago. Even worse are the roller-bladers...