Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Drunken Bastards

The social habits that I observed so clearly in college replayed themselves once again this weekend. During any backyard fraternity party or weekend night there would be dozens to hundreds of drunkards around our house. They would arrive in packs, huddle in circles, and use body language or an extroverted scout to get the attention of another circle. When the circle of boys mingled with the circle of girls there would be lots of giggling, messing with their hair, and playful touching (most pushing.) When the circle of girls mingled with the circle of boys there would be puffed out chests, obscenely funny jokes, and playful touching (mostly punching other boys in the penis - which may have just been my group.)

Saturday, at Oktoberfest, we had a great time. Big tent, lots of great polka music, really good beer in really big glasses, and it was Kyle’s birthday. It was a lot like being back at the fraternity house again, except more lighting.

So being a good friend, and one of many wingmen, I grabbed the first girls and got a picture of the birthday boy with them. Don’t they look like the girls from the poster… well not as pretty, but in general?

He is a talented man, quick to make friends. We spent the night drinking beer, singing songs, talking to the girls, and punching each other in the penis to make them laugh. Good times. I don’t remember laughing this hard in months.


  1. Looks fun! Reminds me of the fun times I had in Germany and at a seaside beerkeller in the UK many moons ago :]