Sunday, October 29, 2006

GME06 - Lets see what you get

As you all know I am an old softy for Cheryl and her ideas (see previous post.) So lets start with the GME06 Green Album. It is the CD that you get when you sign up for GME06.

Of all these song, and reading the posted lyrics of the last few months, my guess is that Cheryl will like Susan Tedeschi “Tired of My Tears.” She is a soulful version of KT Tunstall. The best way to find out is to join GME06.

I know there is at least song all of you will like or might grown on you. You still have time to sign up. Just send me an email to join.


  1. just dropped mine in the mail today.... ooooohhhh, I bet you can't wait to hear it :)

  2. I'll participate P2.

    How much time do I have?

  3. CD's need to be in by Christmas, best of CD's will go out the first week of January.

    Thanks for joining us this year! I look forward to your entry.