Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Indian Summer

I am enjoying what seems like the last day of summer. Over the weekend there were a few dollars spent on new outfits, no Tough Skins for those of you who shop at Sears (Tough Skins were the most durable and inexpensive jeans in the 70’s with a patch on both the inside and outside of the knee.) Yesterday I test drove a few cars and have decided to finally buy a new one. Old Dubbya the VW won’t be able to make a winter with 120 miles a day on him.

In the morning I start the new job. I have to play nice, make new friends, find the cool kid and avoid the bully.

Since taking the new position I have had the pleasure of hearing from old friends. I forget how much I miss them until they say hello. But we are quickly back to a point where we had never parted.

Over the weekend I started to clean out my closet to make room for the new wardrobe. There were several trash bags full of corporate logo apparel. More than several, there were many. I was a bit embarrassed to divulge the real number to my sister on the phone so I certainly won’t tell you. Needless to say it is a pile I will not have to avoid in my room anymore.

There is still laundry to be done… I have a couple rolls of quarters. Oddly enough, I am now finally unpacked from moving here two years ago.


  1. You're not just tossing those bags of clothes are you! That is a nice tax deduction (although the IRS is cracking down so you'll want to itemize things before you donate them). Just food for thought...

  2. I am excited for you - they will love you I am sure!

    For some reason this post reminded me of the children's cartoon Recess and I saw you for a moment wearing that baseball bat TJ :]

    How are you feeling?