Monday, March 19, 2007

How to tell this story???

Mmmm, good taste, great hair

Trapped by those dancing wolves again.

Portable Outhouse, built for comfort, not speed.

Watch out! Bears! Hit'em with your new frying pan!

These are two of those places you see from the road but never really know the story behind them.


  1. In the last photo of the house along 23, the guy tried building a huge house by himself. My guess - he ran out of know-how and money. I say know-how because of the way he built what is there - without going into details, it was bad form. Bad, bad form.

    And, I can't believe you went to Cabella's without me. For shame.

  2. Ahh, Cabella's. No place like it on earth, oh, except in the WILD. Gotta love that store. It's like a man's paradise. Hey, maybe I should hang out there more often...might be a great place to meet men...oh, wait, they'll be too distracted by the 5000 fishing rods and 7000 rifles. Yeah, I'll stick to Home Depot.

  3. Cabella's! I just needed to see the first picture of Babe Winklemans sauce, to know you were there.

    Oh and that house is in between Carpenter and 23. That house (if I can call it that) has been there for the past ten years. I doubt anyone will win any architectural awards for that one.

  4. Thanks for making fun of my house.
    Ten years ago I had it all. Then my wife moved in with my boss and
    I got fired. My kids wanted to live with my wife and my dog ran away. It hasn't been easy the past few years but I make do. I you look close enough you can see me looking out the top floor window, third from the left.

    C Moorehead