Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer is Near

When I hear Barenaked Ladies I think of summer. When I hear the Tigers are winning during spring training I know summer is near. When the three inches of snow on my car has all melted by the evening I know summer is close.

What reminds you that summer is near?


  1. Robins, certainly a robin or two in the yard tells me good things are coming. But just having the pile of coats by the door diminish is a good sign!! (I say this as we're in the middle of a snow/ice storm with 6 or more inches possible.)

  2. It's Michigan. There's no way to know. One day it's cold...the next day it's hot. Then it's football season!

  3. There is a smell in the air--I can't describe it, but it's fresh and crisp and just reminds me it is spring and summer is coming. Also, when it's light later. When people begin to emerge from their holes of hibernation. Daffodils.

  4. Thanks so much for linking to BNL, they are my all time favs.

    ...Birds chirping with new excitement and vigor as the hundreds of thousands head back home...

  5. the first unseasonably warm (70 or more) day in Feb or Mar, when you are almost forced to play hookey from work, call all your friends over, drink beer all afternoon while throwing a football or frisbee as you wait for your food to cook on the grill.

    I say "almost" because you are almost certainly jolted from your reverie by the depressing fact that all your friends are not on your porch, but at work, like every other adult. You then abandon your thoughts of your 20 year old self, having to settle instead for the downed windows of your car.

    Oh yeah, that and chicks in short skirts.