Monday, March 05, 2007


I pose this question to you my avid readers: When is it just not enough? Please provide quips, antidotes, or stories as to “when it’s just not enough.”

Please refrain from only telling penis stories or woes of your past lovers stamina.


  1. I had a friend tell me years and years ago that sometimes love isn't enough to make a relationship work. This was after his ex-girlfriend called him from the hospital because she had hurt herself again and she knew he'd come help her. He loved her but couldn't stand the way she treated him, even though he let her.

    Also, in my unpopular opinion, explosions, fights, and gratuitous nudity are not enough to entice me to see a movie.

  2. It isn’t enough that I said I wasn’t interested and didn’t give you my phone number, I had to get the restraining order and mace as well.

    It isn’t enough that the government collects a bunch of my money, then spends it on tropical rain forests in the Dakota’s or bridges to no where, they have to spend more of it on trial that prove men like blow jobs and lie.

    It isn’t bad enough that you fought with your beautiful wife, killed her with a blunt object, cut her up on the ban saw at work, then spread her remains all over Detroit, you had to run away from the cops barefoot in knee deep snow to show the world just how great our fine state is.

  3. I agree with Anonymous. Sometimes, love just isn't enough to make it worth staying in a relationship.

    Ditto with sticking with someone long after the relatioship's expiration date has passed because you love their kids. If anything, it makes it hurt worse when things do blow up.

    By the way, I'm Melissa. Hi there!

  4. Oh, I was coming here to post my "when is it just not enough" but now that people are saying love isn't enough sometimes I'm here to disagree. Love is what you have when it gets hard. Love isn't just the easy, happy "you make me feel good" emotion, it's a VERB, and it's what you do even when you don't particularly like someone. If your child stole your money, ran away from home, called your horrible names, stole a car, whatever, you would always LOVE them, even if you didn't like them very much and even if they made your life hell. If we approached our "love" relationships with a similar fashion, we might truly understand commitment and what love is all about. (I'm not saying there aren't times when a relationship shouldn't end, I just mean to say it isn't because love stopped.) (Sorry, I'm stepping off my soap box now...)