Monday, April 30, 2007

Let the summer of sequels begin!

Last summer I wrote of the cyclical nature of Hollywood (the industry, not our good friend) and that 1997 was one of the best years for movies.

Well here we are ten years later and there are a lot of good chances for high quality. Click on pictures to go to the IMDB site.

Classic! Have been waiting for years for this.
I am hoping the Transformers are good... will see anyway
Once you see the first four, you really have to see the rest of the Potter flicks.
This is Kocked Up - same people who made 40 Year Old Virgin, really looking forward to this one.
Bourne Ultimatum - yes, year of the sequels, but this series has been very good
I didn't think they could top the first, but Rami did, and I do't think he can top the second, but I am willing to find out.
Product placement should be funny
My guess - Bruce will blow things up and shoot a lot
I watched 28 Days Later waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up... but she never did. 28 Days was one of the best zombie movies every - I am sure this will be just as good.Not happy with the second one (left you hanging at the worst point) but I will give this a chance
Lauren Gramham and Steve - let the comdey rain down.
It's all about the Alba


  1. I don't know if I'll be able to talk my wife into seeing "Kocked up"

  2. The only one I'm looking foward to is Bourne. I've really enjoyed the first two (although shouldn't the girl have been the same actress? That drives me nuts...) so I'm anxious to see the third. Little Man is too.

  3. I will go to see 75% of those films in the theater if you'd like. Ben's summer began today, so he's got some time. I'm very excited about summer movies too!

    I am also sad that Franka Potente won't be back as Marie in the third Bourne movie. I read somewhere that had the producers known the franchise would have been so successful, they would have continued her character and signed her up for all three movies, not just the first two.

    Also, I would love to see "Knocked Up," although I'm sure "Cocked Up," a pornographic rip-off will be coming out soon. I will not be seeing that one, as my dear husband already surmised.

  4. I am the most excited about Transformers!!!

    I'm with you on every single one EXCEPT for the Pirates. I just don't like that franchise. I love the action, the sci-fi and the ridiculous blow-em-up action.

    It's going to be a GREAT summer for movies - sequels or not!

  5. Knocked Up looks great and Seth Rogan looks, sounds and acts like our pal Carter in most of his roles. I've been telling Carter this since that show Undeclared and I think he's finally accepted it.