Friday, April 06, 2007

New Screenplay Idea

New Screenplay Idea starring Beyonce:

Beyonce plays a tough French/Creole taxi cab driver born and raised, now working in New Orleans. Behind the wheel of a late 80’s black GMC tricked out Suburban that is in immaculate condition she earns just enough to get by hauling tourists from hotels to the Louis Armstrong airport.

Her on again, off again romance is with a prodigy jazz piano player. In the evenings, when not behind the wheel, she is trying to establish herself as a singer. When she and her man are together on stage it is the most magic music in the Big Easy.

As the two make some local notoriety and minor success, she discovers the moral to our story - she won’t give up on her man or the city of New Orleans.


  1. As long as there's nudity involved.

  2. i love it. send it to raegan and have it produced! can i have a walk on role? a cameo, even?