Sunday, July 08, 2007

Everywhere Man

There are two topics that bring my blog to new readers.

The first is the phrase “free stuff on your birthday.” It is the topic from last January that I posted letting everyone know what they could go out and get, for free, on their birthday. I guess that was kind of obvious. It was a good list. It covered nearly every state and major chain with each policy.

The second topic is one I posted Saturday. The “Cloverfield Trailer” title put my blog into the top 25 searches on Technorati for nearly 12 hours. All night curious web browsers stopped by to see if I had news or to watch that crappy version of the trailer. The trailer was gone by noon on Sunday and the drop off to my site followed.

My struggle remains that eternal struggle with the great song by Johnny Cash, Everywhere Man, and the stupid new version of the Batman cartoon with a villain named Everywhere Man.

What can I say but Thank You All for reading when I have nothing to report on about a lame villain, great song, or for that matter details to a movie coming next year and that “Ethan Haas Was Right!”

Let’s see if all that name-dropping gets me a few more hits tonight.

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