Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tigers Game - Friday Night Recap

Curtis Granderson

Q: What's your opinion on getting kicked out of the stadium after throwing a ball back from an opposing team?
--Kristi (Mich.)
If it's done after a home run, I think that it should be allowed. If it's thrown purposely at a player, the fan should be kicked out. The throwing back of the home run, though, is OK.

Dancing Drunk from psquared and Vimeo.

Dance Party from psquared and Vimeo.

The boys made a new BFF with Eugene who "hooked them up" with beer for the game before going to see his girl at the casino

My new camera was fast enough to get the full "mean look" this week

I would like to introduce you to the Mrs. p2... this week

Our new man Raburn enjoyed perfection for a brief moment


  1. I did not write to Curtis. It would be impossible for me to throw anything on the field from our seats except for praise (Tigers) or scorn (opposing team or Fernando Rodney).
    Where's the blog fingers?

  2. Mrs. P2 looks like a cross between Jessica Simpson and Brittney Spears from back in the day...