Sunday, October 07, 2007


I cannot wash my hands enough after grocery shopping at Kroger this afternoon. There is a Kroger in Ypsilanti. It is often call “The Dirty Kroger.” It is pretty bad there.

Last night Jinder mentioned she lived near a dirty Kroger, and often calls it “The Dirty Kroger.”

Normally I go to Bush’s a mile away even though there is a Kroger around the corner from my place. The entire time there I thought to myself, maybe there is no dirty Kroger or clean Kroger, there is only Kroger, and they are all dirty. Because I have to admit, I can’t recall ever being in the mythical “Clean Kroger.”


  1. There are only clean Kroger stores in and around Cincinnati (Headquarters). The farther you get away from Cincinnati, the dirtier the store gets. Ypsi has some bad ones (Michigan ave. and Carpenter) but Farmington hills on Middlebelt had the worst one I have ever been to. Produce rotting with fruit flies, dirty floors, and expired meats. Maybe we should ask Jeff Stirk on why Kroger is bad in Michigan since he works there.

  2. There is a decent Kroger farther away in Ypsi, but it doesn't have nearly the stories that the Dirty Kroger on Michigan Ave. has.

  3. Kroger's stepchild, Ralph's, out here is pretty damn dirty too.