Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Great Mix Experiment of 2007

The Rules for GME07

It’s time again to tally all the songs you’ve listened to this year to make a compilation mix. After years of putting together The Great Mix Experiment, or GME, it is time to make a few changes by request. So here is how it works:

Step 1 - Send me an email to let me know you want to participate in the GME07. Include your address, your real name, your email address, and let me know if you would like MP3 as a format, or a burned music CD. Also let me know if you would like “All of GME07” which is a DVD with every song submitted this year.

Step 2 - I will send you “taste like burning” which is my contribution to the GME07 this year. It includes 16 songs that I have been listening to during this year.

Step 3 - In return you burn me a CD that has more than 14 songs but fewer than 22 songs. These songs should be music you have listened to this year. It can be recorded in any year, but it was part of the music that shaped 2007 for you. I would encourage you to include liner notes about what the music means to you. At a minimum, please include the song name and artist in the correct order.

Step 4 - This January you will receive “The Best of GME07” a compilation from all the music submitted to the Great Mix Experiment in the format you’ve requested. You will also get the DVD “All of the GME07” that includes every song submitted.

While this seems like a simple idea some people can’t follow the rules… I should be very clear about a few things.
Please do not resubmit songs that you submitted in previous years. I know that “In Your Eyes” is your signature song, but you do not need to include it every year.

Please have at least 14 songs on your submission but no more than 22.

Finally, and this is important, if you do not include your name, address, format choice, and email address in your request to be a part of the GME… you are not likely to be a part of the GME this year.
Anyone can participate, one entry per person, email me today and avoid the rush.

Email me at

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