Monday, November 19, 2007


While I was in Orlando last week I was stuck behind a tan Dodge Caravan. The sign on the back reminded me of the lovely and talented Karlababble.

Her exploits as a mother and history with child services have brought about an entire industry of child safety expertise. “We must change the laws to protect the innocent” is common sentiment in the marble concourses of state and federal buildings across the land. That idea should actually declare, “We must change the laws to protect the innocent… from Karla.”

As more of my lovely and talented friends transform from sexy friends to something milfy… we turn to Karla for advice and guidance. Mostly, it involves lots of time out for mommy.

You will notice in the picture I posted last week, it was Karla - she had just given birth and not looking her best, but I understand she is working on it.


  1. So true about the bottom picture--I really had JUST given birth. As in, right before the photo was snapped. Luckily, the tide came in and washed away the baby, so the photo ended up looking a lot better than I'd expected. Kids can really ruin a photo sometimes.

  2. Ok, I'm confused. In the first picture it references gas delivery and jump starts... that's certainly her, from what I've been able to determine. But in the first paragraph you refer to her as "lovely and talented." So I'm confused; are we thinking about the same Karla?

    Oh, wait... Iiiiii get it now. By lovely and talented you mean her ability to spew forth hellspawn, right? Right. Gotcha. Now were on the same page.