Monday, June 28, 2010

Be a boyscout - be prepared

I was flying back from Atlanta nearly asleep in my isle seat. It has become more difficult to fly. This is something you hear from many people who travel long enough.

The food was not that great. I was forced to watch TV re-runs and movies that the airline chose for me. This is not a longing for days gone by.

Today I bring what I would like to snack on or eat. My portable electronic devices allow me to read thousands of books, watch dozens of movies, or drowned out the annoying person next to me with the music and podcast I love.

No, flying is hard for another reason. The people who fly these days are less experienced at packing bags that fit into the compartment. They believe that they are special and unique and deserve more rights.

Hey, no one wants to be on the tarmac for hours. But lets plan ahead a bit. Have an emergency energy bar. Bring a back up bit of entertainment. Buy a large bottle of water in the terminal. Be ready. The airline isn’t going to be.

Learn to pack properly. All the things you brought will not be a carry on. All the things I brought is.

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