Sunday, September 25, 2005

One last BBQ

In the last bastions of an Indian Summer we linger in the late night near the fire. With the greater group of the usual gang we note the ones who are no longer around. Some may find things a little more exciting in our nation’s capitol, on the shores of Michi gami, or observe the beer drinking in the back yard pace a little too slow.

You may see a group of mid to late 20 something’s drinking beer in the back yard. But I see a successful lawyer, a brilliant women finishing her masters, an assistant to the governor, a Jr. Vice president, dynamic active men of marketing who travel the globe with game show hostess’s to the most popular sport in North America, a top executive to one of the big three, and yes, even Carter has finally gotten his under graduate degree. With all of these successful people, I am feeling a little left behind. Sure I feel honored that they let me hang out with them, but when did they all leap frog past me? Only a few short years ago it seemed I was the only one with a real job.

The big news of the night, for me at least, is that I need to make really good plans for New Years. It would seem that two of the couples whom I desperately rely on to get a kiss at New Years from, will both be on separate adventures in the Caribbean. Something about pirates and gold – So I will need your suggestions please. Most fun thing to do for New Years. Without your help it may be me, Ryan Seacrest, and Dick Clark.

Kyle got 20 Rubik’s Cube's for his birthday -

$100 if he solves them all, no throwing at roomates

Carter, an avid reader of this site, has returned to his college

stance on alcohol – the chair right next to the keg.

If you have ever wondered why the directions of the compass are on some types of watches, or if you ever spend time in the woods, you may be interested in looking at this website about Finding Your Directions That's $20 Ben!


  1. You have no children, therefore you have no excuse to stay home (like I am sure I will be doing) on New Year's Eve. Please go somewhere and do something fun so I can live vicariously through you! Vegas is fun on New Year's. I went the year they blew up the Sands Hotel.

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  4. My roommate knows the secret to sloving Rubik's cubes. Seriously. She can do it.

    Try New Years in New York or Vegas!

  5. looks like a good group of friends!

    new years? hmmmmm i've done Vegas twice on New Years and that's REALLY fun.I did NYC once but I was still in H.S and was denied access to Times Square thanks to the parentals. i've also had a party at my house with good friends and that's a lot of fun as well. I guess it just all depends who you're with.

  6. There is only one place to be on NYE, Scotland!

  7. A snazzy New Year's party where you have to dress up in your best duds sounds nice! I don't know of any of those though. So let me know if you find one!