Tuesday, September 27, 2005

San Francisco 7th year in a row

I am in San Francisco this week. It is on my list of top five cities to live in outside of Michigan. The event is with my favorite group of people to work with. They are all bright and fun people from Boston (also on that top five list) who make the long days easy.

After shaking hundreds of hands and repeating the same few points just as many times we went over to Pacific Heights for great Italian.

Recommendations for San Francisco:

BART is your Buddy. Inexpensive and fast the Bay Area Transit is the cheep and safe way to get from SFO to downtown.

Skip the chain coffee shops and look for a local corner shop. Some of the best coffee in the world is served from these small independents.

Take the extra two hours and walk the Beat trail. Following in the steps of Beat Poets is fun and rewarding – finish at City Lights and buy a book for the flight home.

It’s hard to go wrong at any restaurants here, but the locals can point you to the really good out of the way places – talk to the Concierge, it’s worth a $10 tip.


  1. Always something different :)

    Have you considered writing a guide book to all the places you have been?

  2. Ah, San Fran. Always wanted to go? So is Chicago on your list?

  3. I used to live in Chicago, and still love that city.

  4. I don't get to do much traveling, but always wanted to go to San Fran.

  5. Can you believe I haven't been there? Sounds really fun and I hope you are enjoying your trip. We know how you feel about getting out of the office ;-)

  6. i'm sooo jealous! 2 of my girlfriends are going to san fran tomorrow.

    i would love to live there someday.