Monday, November 21, 2005

Hello From Our Friend

I had the pleasure of chatting with our good friend, the lovely and talented, figure skating, world traveling, hot mama, Christabro tonight.

She wishes you all well and looking forward to the long holiday weekend with her little man. Boston was a hoot, and she had a great time in Minneapolis the weekend prior with some good friends. As usual, she had a huge stack of papers to grade, so she couldn’t talk for long. But things are going fine.


  1. You are so silly, but so sweet! Thanks for posting an update about my whereabouts, I am doing fine and it was really nice talking to you. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. Where the crap did your blog go Christa???

  3. We miss Christa. I was so sad when her blog disappeared. Come back Christa! We love you!!!

    Thanks for the update Paul, I was so worried.

  4. I had to delete it due to a blog stalker. I am considering starting a new one soon, we'll see. I plan to still read and comment, I hope that's ok with everyone! Thanks for the kind words.