Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Eucher. It’s world famous in Michigan. A national past time. For those of you who don’t live here, Eucher is just a card game.

The same fun group that had me join them for the Chili Cook-Off last fall have invited me to join them in a Eucher Tournament. Sadly, I informed the group that I was in violation of Michigan state law requiring each citizen to play. But they were insistent. I was next asked to join a small group the week before tournament play for a training session. At this point I am thinking they only want my $15 buy in for the pot.

There is a long history of card play in my extended family. I was a quiet shy kid for many years until I was violently forced out of my shell by watching a newly acquired segment of my family through marriage shout and scream for hours playing Eucher. In a smoke filled basement these boisterous bunches would pair up around folding card tables for hours on end emptying their purple Crowne Royal sacks of coins on one another. At first I showed some interest, but found my self cowering in the corner after shrills of the winner burst in the air. Eventually I learned to go upstairs to muffle the screams of joy. But no amount of distance could quell the noise in that down river cottage. After a few years of built tolerance, the game moved to a location with thicker insulation.

Do I go? Do I learn this game that gives me Pavlovian pains at the mention of the name? Can I be reconditioned to enjoy this game? Why can’t we all just play Uno or Trivial Pursuit?


  1. GO! Step out of the comfort zone

  2. i just leared how to decently play eucher this past semester.
    love it.

    if you love it so much, you might try the card game Wizard (the ULITAME game of trump, so it claims). it is a really good stragey game, similar to eucher.

  3. Eucher? Never heard of it.

    Hope you have fun if you decide to play :)

  4. Eucher? Live it, love it, LEARN HOW TO PLAY IT! It is way fun. Especially when you play with really competitive people who would rather kill you than lose a hand. What a great game.

  5. i love games. i get together with my girlfriends like 3 times a week to play cards. we play Once (rhymes with sconce) and Spite and Malice (which is basically like Skipbo)

  6. Give it a shot. If you find it boring, you can join me in the Trivial Pursuit room. There's at least pie in that game. -- I only got pie once in Eucher.