Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Chapter

So… Orlando was pretty good, and it wasn’t because of business.

Normally I am not one to talk about this type of thing on the blog, but enough of you read this that ask me once a month on the topic to prompt me to discuss. There was a nice woman that I met this week and it went something like this.

Now, normally, booth babes are not all that interesting to me. Sure, tall blonde Nordic girls who push product has some appeal at one level, but they are usually a few chapters short of a novella. However, this week my booth neighbor Amy and I hit it off pretty well. To the point that she made sure I had her card and she mentioned at least four times I should come to DC for the Cherry Blossom festival to visit her.

Please note my use of language – where I normally say “cute girl” I have inserted “nice woman.”

Anyone been to Cherry Blossom Festival have any advice? Know the dates?


  1. The cherry blossom festival starts this sat March 25 - April 9.

    But you might want to wear something warmer instead of going around bare chested. If you come to DC.

  2. Cherry Blossom Festival- I am going for the first time, as I just moved to DC!


  3. Sniff, sniff--I smell love in the air.

    Wait, maybe that's a booty call I'm smelling.

    Either way, very nice!

  4. I think it's sometime in April.

    I have not been to the festival but I have seen the cherry trees. They are gorgeous. Do a picnic under the cherry trees!