Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just another day

Today was a tough day at work. I am thinking about the hundreds of women who shun and ignore me or my witty emails. It’s true. I am witty.

But rather than dwell on the negative, I thought I might share how I involve you all in my job.

Part of my job is to promote our product on these hour long demonstrations over the web. Think of them as the professional “Infomercial.” Over the hour we have a series of experts that talk about their area of expertise and we throw in a little bit of what it looks like and how it works.

My role in all of this is a cheesy host who never really understands how things work and needs detailed explanation – because I am thick headed and dim. They tell me the answers time and again, but it never really sinks in until the end.

So the presenter might say “When you are doing the thingy with the stuff, you can also collate while you are in are on the move.” Then I would say “So what you are saying is that while I am traveling on my next business trip, I can still do the thingy, land and sync up to collate?” And then the point is struck home for the audience “Yes Psquared, it’s just that simple.”

So aside from the “it slices and dices” crap, I also take live phone calls from the audience. But the trick of it is, no one wants to be first (Am I repeating a blog here, have I told this story before?) So I have some questions that I write to prime the audience and get them to start calling in, or to ask when calls slow down.

This is where you help me get my job done. As if I have a host of operators or this great computer system in front of me, I may start off by saying “Cheryl from Chicago writes to us – Paul, what about the thingy and the stuff?”

“AP from Texas writes, I like the thingy, but I am worried about having enough stuff.”

There is always the long and complicated question that pops up “UC in Orange County asks I like the thingy, I like the stuff, but how do the thingy and the stuff work together to collate while I travel?” To which I always say “Great question UC!”

Once and a while I have to make a crazy question up and always say it comes from “Karla in Dallas uses things for her stuff and wondered if she used the old Binchy McKilkel if that would effect the outcome of the collation between thingies and stuff, but not all stuff, just her stuff.” Then I turn to the panelist and say “If someone wanted to contact you directly about their complex organizational issues, how can they do that.” This makes a perfect tee up for saying the email address and web site one more time.

Thank you all for doing such a great job.

Hey – if you have not noticed, our good friend, her royal blogness, Milady is back and writing. She sure could use a good old American “Howdy” if you get the chance to mosey on over to her blog.


  1. Longtime listener and first time caller H.Wood, from Detroit, wants to know what to do in an emergency. “Hypothetically,” he got his thingy stuck in the stuff and is too embarrassed to go to the emergency room. How does he free his thingy without too much pain and/or scarring?

  2. I can think of several questions regarding your company's special thingy and its special stuff, but none of which are appropriate for a webcast (much like the question from H. Wood). But, look at it this could always move on to replace the guy who says: "Set it and forget it!" on those cheesy infomercials!

  3. So, what ABOUT the thingy with the stuff anyway? Glad I can help you in the corporate drudgery of your day. Sounds like an interesting program.

    You are defintiely witty.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for spreading the Milady news!

  4. Cheryl – for you, when you buy the thingy I will give you the stuff on scale! So for every 25 thingy’s you buy, you get ten free stuffs! And if you act in the next two hours, I’ll thro in a free Binchy for every collating McKickel you buy!

    For you Hollywood – with have the new thingy retractor! Every man needs one, every woman wants a man who has one! And it’s only $35.35!

  5. I really wanted to buy this thingy today but realized I need to save my money for that thingy I'm going to next week.

  6. Interesting stuff Sir Knight and thank you ;)

  7. Awww, so glad to be a part of your workday. I'll try to come up with some new questions about thingies and stuffs for you -- you know, I like to mix it up.