Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Office

Best lines from The Office last night:

“I like everyone I work with, with four exceptions.”

“Have you ever pooped a balloon?”

“I need clean urine for the lady.”

“I want to him to have all the urine he needs.”

The most important line from The Office last night:

“What is he getting out of that relationship?”

And if you have not seen this brilliant clip from the very funny British comedy "Big Train" you will want to check this out:


  1. Oh my! If they can bring an end to office wanking in Britain, it can happen here too!

    God Bless Simon Peg.

  2. Ok, I finally watched my TiVo'd The Office, so now I can officially comment that those are indeed some of the funniest lines from the show.

    Especially the one about making sure he has the urine he needs. It was so funny I almost produced a little urine of my own. Oops. :)