Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meet Nicolas

This is Nicolas. It is a proud day for him. He has spent weeks making his own tuxedo for tonight. It’s prom night.

Most young men his age spend time with friends developing those all important social skills. Instead Nicolas spends most of his spear time with his Nana. You can learn a lot from previous generations.

Little known fact #1 Nicolas calls into the local National Public Radio fund raiser every spring and fall under a false name from a payphone to donate whatever remains as a goal for that hour.

Little known fact #2 Nicolas has webbed feet.


  1. Little Known Fact #3: Nicolas laughs hysterically while watching his collection of "Touched By An Angel" DVDs.

  2. Ok, but what is going on in the background of that picture?! Now there's a story.

    Happy Prom Nicolas...

  3. You tell us Cheryl - what is the story on the background?

  4. am I missing something? who the heck is nicolas? and why did he make his own tux?

  5. Nicholas is actually on a scavenger hunt and had to take a picture in front of a UPS truck, holding a sewing machine while wearing a tuxedo. He's much cooler than you think. I mean, really, he can sew!

  6. little known nicholas fact:

    his dream girl is "Winnie" from the Wonder Years