Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The fate of my car?

Yes I am pretty geeky about science fiction, I Gork Spock as much as the next person, know the Star Wars movies a little too well, and am an avid fan of the current Doctor Who just to put it over the top. But how far does fandom really need to go?

So my little VW GTI is getting older. Dubbya the VW has a few miles on him. Should I turn him into a land speeder? Maybe something better. Any suggestions?

This photo added later at request of Ann


  1. I think you should post a picture of your car now so we can stare at it while we brainstorm.

    When my car, Esther, turned 16 I had a sweet 16 party for her and painted her with blue flowers. Everyone got a free ride that day. Esther was in heaven.

  2. Un-pimp ze auto - go for more German engineering!

  3. Over the top? Doctor Who?! Surely you jest?

  4. A new model GTI......its f*cking sweet!

  5. Being the Star Wars purist that I am, I do think something Star Wars is the best bet. Can you turn a car into an X-wing fighter?