Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another good day

There was high drama at my national bank chain this morning. They were replacing all the locks. All the drawers, doors, and desks were getting refitted. There were some who were suspicious of “the change” that took place last week. Others talked of the lack of experience now at the branch with three newbie’s on staff.

Now, I have not actually been inside a bank for several years. In the last two weeks I have been inside the national chain bank and my credit union twice. I know these details of bank operations because I was one of the two people inside the bank waiting for thirty minutes who caught every unguarded word spoken. It seems customer skills have been lost in the digital age.

Now, I have to say that in contrast, my credit union is full of some of the nicest people. Cindy the loan officer has a motherly way of looking out for my interests in reiterating the correct dates and amplifying what I need to look for. She and her team are very nice.

So it was a little sad this morning going to the Secretary of State (this is Michigan’s equivalent to the department of motor vehicles) with Brian. Brian is the new proud owner of Dubbya, the VW, my reliable transportation of the last decade.

Good-bye Dubbya. You were a trusted friend racing to the airport to catch flights, long autumn drives to touch the buffalo, and shuttle the soberly challenged. Be good to Brian.
I would like to introduce you to the new woman in my life, Jenna the Jetta. She is fast, easy, beautiful to look at, and I rarely need to take her out for a fill-up.

Jenna is a Diesel. While I might tell my hippy granola friends that she runs on bio-diesel the truth is that it’s all about dino-power. You see, Ultra Low Sulfur is the standard now, and with the slow changes government makes in regulations, our society starts to change. Those changes eventually alter the course of how we accept and do things. Bio power voids my warranty, Ultra Low Sulfur won’t. I am pessimistic Bio will ever take hold, but confidant that Diesel will be around for some time.

You will be hearing more about my adventures with Jenna over the years. This is the start of a beautiful friendship and another day in part of a great week.


  1. That's a nice set a rims you got on that baby!

  2. Thanks boys! I'm sure you'll love to ride in her as much as I do.

  3. Beautiful and congratulations! I love VWs and diesels. Of course, what is all important when is comes to cars as far as women is concerned is colours! LOVE red ;]

    You read very happy. Have a great weekend!

    I hope Dubbya finds love...

  4. I wanna take Jenna for a ride.

  5. As a fellow Jetta owner, I say, welcome to the club.

    ...but deisel? My god, man, what were you thinking? :)

  6. Jenna looks like a slut. But some of my best friends are sluts.

    If you still want to get a drink when you're in Dallas, I should warn you: Common Wombat will be there too. He's in town and staying at my house. But if you can stand the smell of him, yeah, let's get together.