Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dallas with the new job

I never thought I would find finance exciting until I started a job in insurance.

This place blows. The events are slow and uneventful, the people are dull and lifeless.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? The booth babes here are Dolly Parton and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Oh, and look at this - many of you are too young to remember Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins, well this is his son and their “display animals."

This is a vulture, he also had snakes, alligators, and a ring tailed lemur. Thank the lord we did not have booth next to him. Everyone in the world would stop by and their neighbors were ignored.

Shortly after I filled this it jumped from the table and made a bloody pulp of three of the attendees. Maybe you saw it on the news after “what is on the bottom of your purse” an in-depth analysis of the chemical content of women’s purses. It was gross.

Actually, perkins son is made up for TV with lots of make-up and a rug on his head. It may not look so bad in pictures, but you really notice it in person.


  1.'s like the side of insurance we never knew. They should make that more known...

  2. I once thought I saw a wuzzle at a trade show. It turned out to be a midget from Idaho, though.