Monday, December 04, 2006

Funny Photos

I was in the mood for some funny pictures. So I went to college humor dot com. Funny stuff there. You can type in the name of most any university and get back a dozens of things that would never make you proud of your Alma-Matter.

For instance, I typed in Northern Michigan University, one of the many schools to have the privilege to take my money. Those nutty northern folk…

Of course, those were not as funny as a retrospective of my haircuts over the last ten years. I have always suffered from the pressures of having too much thick and beautiful hair. Big, beautiful hair. Big hair.
1994 Big Hair
2003 Tall Hair
Laugh all you want… big hair has never scared away the ladies.


  1. Hey big hair is way better than none, right?

  2. I'd rather have big unmanagable hair than no hair. I'm on the path to that path, sadly.

  3. Wow!
    Those are special, special photos -- I will consider them a Christmas gift from you to me. :)