Monday, June 25, 2007

Indiana Jones

It’s out! The first picture off the set of the new Indiana Jones movie. The cast looks great. I like the writer, respect his work. Of course the director…

I think back to 1981 when I was in 5th grade. Yes, thank you, old, got it. A thickheaded, dimwitted, blonde haired kid raised his hand at the mention of Egyptian history and said “I saw this movie over the weekend about an archeologist, I think it was called Indiana Jones.”

It did not get the reaction I thought it might. There was a deep moan from part of the room and excitement from other parts. The moan was “p2 is an idiot slowing down the class” and the banter was from all the boys who had not thought that Indy was an archeologist, but an adventurer. It was a tough year needless to say.

Great movie. I’m really hoping it is a good sequel.

I wrote an outline for an Indy movie after the third one came out. I have decided that Indy is best when fighting Nazis. So the script would have been about the Fountain of Youth and going to Central America post World War II where there would be bands of Nazi scientist hiding out. He was following the trail of Ponce De leon and would end up in Florida… let’s hope the new one is more thought out than that.


  1. My little man will be thrilled to see his favorite actor (cause he is Han Solo afterall) once again as Indy!!