Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's the Saddest Day of the Year

Last night was the last home game of the regular season for our Detroit Tigers.

In June we decided to go to the last home game of the season. We were there for the first game. We had watched a summer of great baseball with our boys. As a special bonus we rented a party suite for the last game. There was a strong chance during the summer that these would be hot tickets. There was a strong chance that the phrase “last home game of the regular season” would mean something big. Which it did…kind of.

Starting last night, if the Tigers were able to win every game of the remainder of the season, and the felons who wear stripes from New York were to loose ever game, we could make the wild card.

The Tigers were victorious after the game was called in the 6th for rain. Those devils spawned in the big apple proved their “manhood” by beating up on those poor souls from Tampa Bay (yes the same Tampa Bay that had ZERO attendance three weeks ago in their home game against The Nationals.) So, sadly, there will not be a post season for the Detroit Tigers in 2007.

Lessons learned from the Party Suite with the Tigers.
1) During a rain delay, everyone else is a wimp for wanting to get out of the rain.

2) When you order food - The Downtown BBQ is better than the Ballpark Bonanza and when it says “Feeds 15” they really mean “Feeds 25."

3) Jinder is a thief at heart and will steal beer for you after breaking into the Party Suite - she is a "real" baseball fan without a doubt.

4) Closing down Comerica Park with your friends is worth the price of admission.

Last Tiger Dance of the Season from psquared on Vimeo.


  1. Great summer! Great night! I can't thank you enough for getting this all together. I'm anxiously looking forward to next season, when the boys make another run at the pennant.

  2. I'm ready for another great year! I still owe Ben an $8 beer...or three, 2.50 beers, whichever he choo choo chooses.

  3. We need to go back if only for the brownies.

  4. Wish I could have been there. Plus, I wish there was a postseason.