Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday I was standing in line with a mixed six of the fancy stuff for Ben. He was making dinner and I had just bought the extended unrated Knocked Up. Some students from one of the local colleges were talking over the plan for getting a keg of beer.

You see our Canadian governor here in Michigan is making it very difficult for a split state government to come to compromise. Our state is in a budget shortfall.

With a promised partial closure of the state of Michigan there were two primary fears brewing for Michiganders. First, not being able to celebrate the opening of the new MGM Casino in Detroit, as all state lottery officials would not be working. Second, they would not be able to booze it up. Again, no state officials to take their cut, no fun.

Ben later tells me the gamblers have nothing to fear after a legal procedure.

So these bright children of big bucks were discussing if they could weather the storm of state insecurity with a quarter barrel, or if they would need the full keg.

Well, at least we have our Tigers to be proud of and I am not so pessimistic about the Lions for the first time in a decade (or two.) Good job Lions, I will not make fun of you for the rest of the season.

“There are no ugly women” was title that caught my attention last week. The article explained that a competition in 2006 pitted makeover artists against one another. Nine women were given every possible “treatment” possible to turn them into beauties.

The conclusion of this article was that there are no ugly women, only women who cannot afford makeovers.

Call me old fashion, but I always thought beauty’s only skin deep (yeah, yeah, yeah.) If these ladies, and I have no reason to believe that this is the case, are cold evil manipulative bitches, they are only as pretty as a fresh coat of paint on a condemned domicile downtown. Have we learned nothing from Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls?”

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