Thursday, November 29, 2007


It has been a tough day for us all, I know. Yes, the reports are true. My fiancé, Jennifer, has left me to marry another man. We had been together for years, happily I thought. But then some Scottish jerk with a goofy look on his face comes along and she leaves me for him. It’s true that he gave her some century old family heirloom, if you like romance and stuff I guess it’s cool.

I still remember what we did this last summer. Talk about good times, play with her little orange cat, dress up in a tuxedo celebrate an evening like the Audrey Hepburn story. When the bars would close we grabbed a table for five and discussed some of our favorite historical moments (hers was the Trojan War.) What a heartbreaker.

I’ll always remember her like this...

But her new man will always have her like this...

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