Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1st GME07 Submission

The first submission for GME07 has been received. Now I know that this is unfair, as there are at least four of you’re who are patiently waiting for your CD and I have been remiss in dropping it in the mail. Sorry.

But I am kind of glad you are going to get the opportunity to see this play list. You see the submission from Shaw is purposely breaking nearly every rule. Now that it has been done, the rest of you should not feel the need to buck authority and follow the rules of GME07.

Great mix Shaw! Thanks for being a part of the GME07.

Want to be smart and sexy like Shaw? You too can be a part of GME07 - click here


1. I’m Not that Girl: Idina Menzel
2. Deuce: The Cardigans
3. Hallelujah: Clemson University TakeNote
4. Sleep to Dream: Fiona Apple
5. When the Levee Breaks: Led Zeppelin
6. Icky Thump: The White Stripes
7. Right Here, Right Now: Fatboy Slim
8. No Sleep Tonight: The Faders
9. Chelsea Dagger: The Fratellis
10. Oh My God: Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen
11. Keep Fishin’: Weezer
12. Circles: Soul Coughing
13. Houston: Dean Martin
14. Everything’s Just Wonderful: Lily Allen
15. LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude: Justin Timberlake
16. I Want: Dayna Manning
17. Je cherche un homme: Eartha Kitt
18. La Mer Opale: Coralie Clément
19. Without You: Rosario Dawson and Adam Pascal
20. Trouble: Coldplay
21. Must Get Out: Maroon 5
22. Sleep: The Dandy Warhols
23. Ice Cream: Sarah McLaughlin
24. I’m Not That Girl (Reprise): Kristin Chenoweth
25. For Good: Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth

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