Monday, November 12, 2007

What have I forgotten?

I woke up this morning with the perfect blog topic in mind. My drive into work was an hour of fine tuning and detailing the intricate humor I would expound to my readers delight. It was one of those classic blogs that would be talked about in circle for months and referred to for years.

Sadly, when I got home, I forgot all about what the topic was. There is no trace of this delightful ditty in my mind. Only that it was there this morning and it is not there now.

Here is what I do know. There seems to be a growing trend, maybe fear would describe it better, that bad things are on the rise. It seems there are more people with Alzheimer’s in their old age, more children born with autism and everyone has gotten some form of cancer.

But with only antidotal evidence and a myriad of unfocused news report I am going to say that the rise in disparaging news can be attributed to other things… such as:
Redefined terminology - just as the government has changed the dates of daylight savings for increased energy savings, and the scientific community has altered both what the wind chill is and BMI, there are often changes in what fall in and out of terminologies and definitions.

Increased awareness and diagnosis - doctors become more aware of popular trends in what people “have” after visiting conferences or reading news promoted by technology companies. These circles of study are just as divided and partial as MSNBC and FOX News and use the scientific methodology to best represent their results.

Increased population - there are more people on the planet now than all of history in total. If the percentage of people with any ailments were to remain consent, the total number would still be on the rise.

Change in culture - “we just didn’t talk about it back then” is a phrase previous generations use when discussing most anal and lower digestive track problems. Lets face it, who wants to hear about rectal bleeding, lumps or discomfort?
So I will not be concerned about this little memory lapse. Although… I did check my deodorant for aluminum.

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