Saturday, November 10, 2007

Worst Ever

It has been a tough week around these parts. First, the writers strike has shut down production of many of my favorite television episodes. While they are still showing new shows right now, I can see a future of boredom.

Worst Episode of The Office Ever

On another sad note my girlfriend broke up with me. Yes, I know, these things happen. When you fall madly in love with someone in a whirl wind affair you want the innocent passion to last forever.

After a while the magic is lost. You start to see things in a new light. She noticed I am not as handsome as I used to be. I noticed the giant mole with the wire black hair growing out of her chin (this explains the scratches I would get when we would make out.)

As we are both adults I wish her the best in her new happiness. She has moved on to find a new love in her life. He seems like a nice guy. I think he is an athlete or something, always swimming. He is a man of great faith, far more than I am comfortable to share with others. But hey, what do I know about love and making her happy? Who am I to judge? I finally caught up with him at the beach, heres his picture.

I have never felt so bad about myself...


  1. It took me halfway though 'The Office' video to realize the one guy plays Mose. I suppose I did not recognize him because he wasn't running next to a car like a dog.

    Also, you should not post such sexy pictures on your blog. I might leave Ben for that sexy man wearing the crucifix and Speedo.

  2. You know, with 400 pounds of iron around his neck, you'd think he'd be more ripped.